Quality Insulation Services

Marquis Industrial Services’ highly trained and qualified personnel are ready to provide for your insulation needs whether it is related to your maintenance, turnaround, or capital construction projects. Let us work with you to maximize the efficiency of your operations and reduce costly shutdowns. We help identify potential problems and take action to help you remedy them. Our experienced team will support you in planning and scheduling your maintenance and turnarounds to ensure the most efficient use of your resources – and get you, your people and assets back to work.

Asset Protection and Performance

Our teams are ready to help support your organization’s mission and keep your operations running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Marquis Industrial’s quality insulation services help to increase the life of your assets and reduce maintenance costs. Our experienced personnel are skilled at insulation application and can meet a variety of thermal insulation and metal jacketing requirements. Marquis Industrial provides quality insulation services based on specification requirements, ensuring applications that are safe, efficient and maximize expenditures during planned maintenance, turnarounds, or new construction.

Proactive Insulation Management

Our thorough industrial insulation services can help you increase safety and improve the efficiency of your facility. By being proactive, our team can identify and remedy problems that could jeopardize the performance of your insulation. This includes:

  • Corrosion assessment and prevention
  • Damage evaluation
  • Management of asbestos-containing materials (ACM)
  • Preventive maintenance

Our Insulation Services

  • Certified energy appraisers
  • Low-temp applications (-459.6°F to 60°F)
  • Intermediate-temp applications (61°F to 600°F)
  • High-temp applications (601°F to 1500°F)
  • Metal jacketing
  • Soundproofing and acoustical absorption
  • Insulation covers and blankets
  • Corrosion protection under insulation
  • Heat conservation
  • Personal protection
  • Fireproofing
  • Plant piping
  • Towers and drums
  • Boilers
  • And more!

Conventional Types with Aluminum and Stainless Steel Jacket

  • Polyisocyanurate/trymer (hot and cold systems)
  • Perlite silicate
  • Calcium silicate
  • Foamglas (hot and cold systems)
  • Mineral wool
  • Fiberglass

Aerogel Products

  • Pyrogel
  • Cryogel

Removable Insulation Covers/Blankets

  • Energy conservation, personnel protection, high temp applications
  • Sewn
  • Hog ring

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